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MMA DATA Unplugged India | 3rd Edition - Attendee

The 3rd edition of MMA Data Unplugged delivered profound exploration of AI and ML, offering valuable insights into their potential future impact. The event provided in-depth analysis that enhanced an understanding of the dynamic landscape of these technologies. I eagerly anticipate future editions, hoping for continued enlightening perspectives on emerging trends in the field.

Marketing Lead

MMA DATA Unplugged India | 3rd Edition - SPEAKER

Congratulations on such a wonderful & successful event with diverse opinions and backgrounds. It was great chatting with everyone and sharing our thoughts on AI.

Head of Data Science and AI
Hansa Cequity

MMA DATA Unplugged India | 3rd Edition - SPEAKER

Thank you MMA team for the lovely event and curating an amazing panel.

I had a great time and met some amazing people.

Vice President Of Global Business Development and Partnerships

MMA DATA Unplugged India | 3rd Edition - SPEAKER

Thank you for giving this opportunity. Truly thank the team at MMA and everyone involved to provide a platform to express our views. It was well managed and co-ordinated event with many insights coming in for AI in marketing.

The work done by MMA is fantastic and looking forward for more and more collaboration.


Partner, Data & Analytics, Technology Consulting


Authored by: Akash Dongre, Co-founder, CPO, Indus Appstore

In the tapestry of India's digital landscape, the call for an indigenous app store resonates louder than ever. The current scenario paints a picture of an app economy in flux, where global giants dominate, but local nuances remain largely unaddressed.

Intelligent assistant built by South African partnership recognised by Mobile Marketing Association