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Nativex Announces New Trading Desk Offering; Corporate Restructuring Sees Nativex Elevated to Worldwide Brand

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Strategic Rebrand Embraces Nativex as Global Advertising Agency; Nativex To Provide A Transparent, Omnichannel Buying Solution Through Its New Nativex Trading Desk.  


How to make an impression on the Chinese mobile market with the right DSP

Hindsight is a wonderful thing. It’s hard to imagine there was a time before we reached smartphone ubiquity that all the talk was about ‘feature phones’.

Defining a DSP by Velly Bosega

With so many terms floating around the world of internet advertising it is vital for industry participants to know new media technology trends and how they affect the media landscape in Africa. DSP (demand side platform) has become one of the buzz words which needs to be grounded and given true meaning and relevance in the industry.

MdotM Adopts AdTruth as App Download Tracking Technology Provider

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Mobile Web to App Bridging

Leading performance based mobile demand-side platform turns to best of breed device recognition technology to drive accuracy and performance.


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