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Defining a DSP by Velly Bosega

September 5, 2013

With so many terms floating around the world of internet advertising it is vital for industry participants to know new media technology trends and how they affect the media landscape in Africa. DSP (demand side platform) has become one of the buzz words which needs to be grounded and given true meaning and relevance in the industry.

Research conducted about the changes in the advertising industry has shown that there has been a massive improvement. In the fast paced technology world every company is kept on toes in order to stay relevant to the industry and be able to deliver to their clients. Velly Bosega, a specialist in the digital media industry, with over 7 years’ experience working with top Agencies in South Africa, says that media buying is shifting to programmatic buying as clients want to bid on impressions the same way they are used to bid for their search campaign. RTB (Real Time Bidding) provide advertisers ad Agencies with that opportunity and now clients can buy only the impressions that they need based on their targeting criteria.

Traditional Online Display advertising VS DSP

Traditional online display advertising has become inefficient. “When it comes to Advertisers, the CPM model of buying impressions in bulk is lacking because one is purchasing impressions for the same price per unit, even though each one has a different value to their campaign. For Publishers, traditional display is inefficient because up to 70 % of their inventory is left unsold or sold for far less than what it’s worth. Furthermore, for many small publishers, also known as ‘long tail sites’, there is not a sales team which can properly sell their quality, targeted inventory, leaving them wanting more from display,” said Bosega.

What is A DSP Any Way?

A DSP is a digital platform where advertisers can place campaigns and be able to track their performance and engagement from the visitors. Advertisers are able to purchase inventory from various ad networks and RTB exchanges. The tool’s main functionality is to present campaign performance metrics and trends across a high number of targeting factors, clients can easily create and manage and ad campaigns, for both mobile and display at the tip of their fingers.

“The DSP brings convenience to advertisers of running campaigns across all major display RTB exchanges from a single interface. It uses the most advanced optimization and audience targeting tools in the industry”, said Bosega.

Main Features of the DSP

ADC DSP provides a host of advantages for online display buying over traditional buying methods, some of these include:-

  • It offers various traffic sources in a single location,
  • Gives access to a real-time campaign dashboard no need to request reports
  • Gives access to campaign optimization tools that were previously reserved for ad networks
  • Offers Re-Targeting


The DSP is going to change the industry enormously and as AdClick, we are excited to announce our launch of our own DSP, which will be a great platform for display advertising for publishers and advertisers. “Our new DSP changes how the industry functions and promises to offer a one stop solution for all size businesses from SME’s to Cooperate. Our DSP will make it easier to buy media from a single managed solution,” said Bosega. You can read all about it on the new revamp company website which went live on Friday 30th August 2013 and is located at the same address: