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Nativex Announces New Trading Desk Offering; Corporate Restructuring Sees Nativex Elevated to Worldwide Brand

March 6, 2020
Submitted by Nativex

Strategic Rebrand Embraces Nativex as Global Advertising Agency; Nativex To Provide A Transparent, Omnichannel Buying Solution Through Its New Nativex Trading Desk.  

San Francisco, CA -- March 10, 2020 -- Mobile advertising leader Nativex, today announced the introduction of the Nativex Trading Desk, and a global strategic rebrand to align its parent company, Mobvista’s client-facing business with the United States’ name and brand identity. Starting today, marketers and advertisers leveraging the Nativex platform have access to the cloud-based trading desk. As the company expands internationally, it further solidifies its place as a mobile-first advertising platform providing transparent, truly global media-buying opportunities. 

The Nativex Trading Desk is a cloud-based trading desk connected to various media platforms via marketing APIs as well as RTB technologies. Its functionality marks a first for marketers and advertisers as they can buy and optimize media campaigns as a managed service via ad exchanges, ad networks, programmatic buying platforms and other key inventories such as the US and Chinese top media.   

“With the ubiquity of mobile devices, this channel has proven to be a major focus for brands and advertisers across the globe. By providing the Nativex trading desk offering, we are ensuring our clients have the ability to manage every point of their marketing campaign, in real-time. Our cloud-based marketing API integrations allow our customers to communicate with their consumers at every touchpoint” said Clement Cao, Co-founder and President of Mobvista. “We’re looking forward to helping our customers reach new levels of success as they integrate our new capabilities with our existing growth marketing tools.” 

Within the Nativex Trading Desk is an industry-leading ‘China Top Media’ solution dubbed XploreChina. XploreChina provides advertisers with the ability to advertise their brand to a purely Chinese audience. The China Top Media solution provides media strategy, key demographic insights and ensures advertisers can monitor and optimize localized creative assets. The company’s international reach and key partnerships ensure brands and advertisers have premium access to Chinese ad inventory.  

“Nativex opens the door to advertisers here in the United States with a desire to acquire users in closed media markets such as China. Our authorized partnerships with major Chinese platforms allows us to provide unique media buying solutions to acquire previously untapped users,” said Tiffany Ou, General Manager, Americas at Nativex.  


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