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The Smarties

Awards Gala | September 28, 2015

With 22 categories, Smarties 2015 covers everything from traditional print and innovation to brand awareness to video/rich media and social media.

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Marketing Strategy Categories

These campaigns represent how mobile marketing was used to achieve core strategic marketing objectives while demonstrating creativity and effectiveness and showcasing the power of the mobile channel.

Brand Awareness
Any mobile marketing campaign created with the primary objective of building brand awareness and establishing brand recognition (has the brand grown/developed/been enriched by its engagement with mobile).
Lead Generation
Any campaign that demonstrates how the use of mobile marketing generated prospective customers for future engagement and sales, or any campaign that reveals how the use of mobile marketing directly impacted sales, conversions, trials, or purchase intent among the target audience.
Product/Services Launch
Any campaign that has used mobile to successfully launch and/or re-launch a product or service into the marketplace, delivering measurable success based on a mobile platform.
Any campaign that demonstrates how the use of mobile marketing led to a successful promotional campaign (i.e.: contests, demonstrations, coupons, exhibitions/trade shows, games, sweepstakes, point-of-sale displays, merchandising, special offers etc.), resulting in increased customer activity and/or further engagement. Campaign should demonstrate mobile's ability to reach a mass audience and change buying behavior.
Relationship Building/CRM
Any campaign that demonstrates how the use of mobile marketing was leveraged to build or manage strong relationships with customers. Should be measured by an increase in customer loyalty and/or led to customer retention.
Social Impact/Not-For-Profit
Any mobile marketing campaign created and executed for a not-for-profit organization or government agency for public service proposes and/or to drive social change.

Channel/Media Strategy Categories

These campaigns represent how mobile marketing was incorporated into an integrated marketing mix and/or leveraged different mobile channels with increased results based on creativity and ROI.

Cross Media/Cross Mobile Integration
Any campaign where mobile marketing was integrated as a core strategy with other media and communications channels.  E.g. TV, Print, Radio, Outdoor, PR, Direct Marketing, etc. or any campaign, which integrated a minimum of 3 mobile applications i.e.: apps, mobile web, video, display, search, messaging, etc.) 
Cross Screen Advertising
Any campaign designed to create a meaningful and rich consumer connection across all size screens including broadcast, desktop and mobile (phone and/or tablet). Campaign should show how creative was designed and optimized for the screen and mobile should be a core component of the strategy.
Marketing within a Mobile Gaming Environment
Any campaign delivered within a gaming app or a mobile gaming environment where the brand is not the app or game itself. If you have a branded gaming app, submit to the Mobile App category.
Any SMS/MMS based messaging campaign to a customer base, featuring the use of SMS/MMS and delivers against a core marketing objective. Examples include (but not limited to) activation of marketing programs, customer acquisition, engagement and conversion.
A campaign that demonstrates how the use of a programmatic / RTB platform improved the targeting and increased the efficiency and effectiveness in buying, selling and creating a mobile advertising solution.
Mobile App
Any mobile app that was created as part of an integrated mobile marketing strategy to either provide information, entertainment, productivity or utility as part of the customer experience.
Mobile Search
Any campaign featuring mobile search as core to a mobile or overall marketing strategy.
Mobile Website
Any mobile website (not an app) developed to provide an enhanced mobile experience to showcase a company, product, brand or service.
Mobile Native
A form of paid media on any mobile platform where the ad experience follows the natural form and function of the user experience in which it is placed.
Tablet Campaign (Technology & Advertising)
Any marketing campaign specifically designed for and executed within the tablet environment for technology purposes or to engage consumers through advertising (should only be an app if specifically designed for the tablet environment).
Mobile Social
Any campaign featuring the use of social networks, person-to-person and/or community channels on a mobile platform.

Enabling Technologies

These campaigns represent how the use of mobile based enabling technologies and innovations delivered against marketing campaigns and enriched the user experience and increased consumer engagement with a product or service.

Any mobile marketing campaign featuring new or groundbreaking techniques and/or technologies to market a service or product or any campaign that has leveraged existing technology with a new, unconventional and creative execution.
Location Based
Any mobile marketing campaign that uses location based services as the primary anchor of the campaign to connect with customers and deliver highly relevant, targeted messages at a time and place when a consumer is most likely to act on them. These can be one off campaigns or long term activity.
Mobile Payments
A retail transaction that was enabled by a mobile device, using an application and/or the native capabilities of mobile.
The Internet of Things
Any technology, device or wearable that connects, communicates or transmits information with or between each other through the mobile driven Internet.
Mobile Video
Any campaign that demonstrates how the experience of sight, sound, and motion (video advertising) was used in a mobile environment or create consumer demand and engagement.

Industry Awards

The Industry Awards represent the best-of-the-best in the mobile marketing industry – all winners will have a direct impact in the growth of the industry and will be chosen by our Board Members, it is not possible to submit an entry for consideration. If you would like to recommend an organization for consideration please email [email protected].

Global Best in Show
The Best in Show award will be selected by our esteemed panel of global judges from the winners of each of the award categories.
Global Marketer of the Year
This award represents the Marketer that has incorporated mobile marketing as an indispensable part of their marketing strategy worldwide and is using mobile to drive the innovation of marketing.
Global Marketer to Watch
This award represents the Marketer that has made a commitment to pushing the boundaries in mobile marketing to test what’s possible and is innovating in new ways to form closer connections with their consumers.
Global Publisher / Media Company of the Year
This award represents the Publisher or Media Company that has exhibited unprecedented leadership within the mobile marketing industry to help drive growth and best practices.
Global Enabling Technology Company of the Year
This award represents the Mobile Enabling Technology Company whose innovative technology has changed the landscape of the mobile marketing industry and disrupted the industry.
Global Agency of the Future
This award represents the Agency that has incorporated mobile marketing as an indispensable part of the marketing mix for their clients and has exhibited leadership within the mobile marketing industry.

Judging Criteria

Submissions are considered according to:
  • Strategy (25%): Please provide an explanation of why you believe your entry satisfies the criteria for the category entered. Judges look for information and understanding of the business and/or marketing challenge along with a solid mobile strategy. Please ensure your submission references research, creativity, demographic targets, technologies leveraged as well as other strategic considerations for the campaign.

    Consider these questions:
    • What was your strategic objective? (Increased market share, brand awareness, time engaged with the brand, sales, leads)
    • Who was your intended target audience?
    • What was your creative and media strategy?
    • Context – is the first year of campaign? If not how has your strategy adapted to previous results and new technology?

  • Execution (25%): Please provide an explanation of how the campaign was implemented and its level of success.

    Consider these questions:
    • How did the execution or enabling technology help achieve results?
    • How was the mobile component or enabling technology integrated into the overall marketing strategy?
    • How creative or sophisticated was the campaign in its use of mobile media?
    • What did the mobile channel or enabling technology bring to the overall campaign that other marketing channels missed?
    • How was the mobile channel or enabling technology matched to specific markets, demographics relevant to the overall campaign execution?
    • What percent of the campaign budget went to mobile?
    • How well was mobile technology leveraged?
    • Was the campaign compliant with MMA guidelines and best practices? And, what impact did the campaign have on the market?

  • Creativity (25%): Criteria such as consumer engagement, unique use of mobile media types, creativity dynamics and integration with overall campaign will be considered. Samples of marketing materials and case studies should be provided and must be received at the time of submission to be considered with the application. We strongly encourage submitting video please note, it must be hosted by a third party. Please make it as easy as possible for judges to experience the creative as originally intended.

    Creative Samples Guidelines:
    • Active URL to landing page or FTP site with links to each creative element of the campaign; or multiple active URLs (separate each URL with a comma). If providing links, please make sure sites are live. Broken links are grounds for disqualification.
    • Login information – if applicable
      • User name
      • Password
    • Additional instructions (for example, “click on the XYZ campaign tab”)
    • Not required but strongly recommended: A short (2-3 minute) case study video, or brief written case (2 pages maximum) study that captures the creative and actual interactive experience.

    Creative Video Guidelines:
    You cannot upload video directly to the submission form. Creative samples must be accessible via URL or they cannot be viewed or scored by the judges.

    Recommended formats:
    • Youtube (embedded video or direct link) or video provided by vimeo, Brightcove, or other embedded means.
    • Flash video (embedded within a creative URL)
    • Quicktime (.mov or m4v)

  • Results (25%): Each submission must include qualitative and quantitative data to support claims of success.

    Consider these questions:
    • Did the campaign achieve its objectives and goals?
    • What impact did the campaign have on the market, if any?
    • How innovative was the campaign?
    • What impact did the campaign or enabling technology have on future utilization of mobile in their business?
    • How did consumers receive the campaign? Note: information entered here will be kept confidential to MMA staff and judges and will not be shared publicly unless express consent is received from the key point of contact for this submission.
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Key Dates

  •   May 22, 2015
    Early Entry Deadline

  •   Jun 23, 2015
    On Time Deadline

  •   Jun 30, 2015
    Extended Deadline
    (price increases by $75)

  •   July - August
    Pre-screening & Final Judging

  •   Sep 28, 2015
    Awards Gala and Winners Announced

Quotes from the Jury

  •   Groundbreaking way to communicate to consumers hard to reach

  •   Ambitious, used technology in an innovative way

  •   Wonderful use of platform, organic

  •   Beautifully executed

  •   Clever, tied in brand tightly

  •   Blew us away, ballsy, impressive

  •   Great use of visuals – very compelling

  •   Concept & product awesome, great case study

  •   A lot of activity, and consumer engagement. Very integrated – at home and in-store

  •   Inspiring. Well done

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