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IMPACT South Africa 2023

In today's dynamic and swiftly evolving business environment, the role of marketing has taken centre stage as the driving force behind sustainable growth. The task of delivering on this promise becomes ever more intricate as challenges intensify. With 78% of CEOs relying on CMOs to steer growth, the demand for adeptly balancing short-term market dynamics with long-term brand cultivation in partnership with boards, CEOs, and CFOs is at an all-time high.

MMA Impact Forum South Africa assembles an array of visionary thinkers, seasoned marketing experts, and the tools and insights needed to not only weather the storm but to thrive in our contemporary world. Our speakers will share invaluable insights and knowledge to arm leaders and delegates with the tools required to secure a competitive edge and excel in this swiftly changing era.

It's time to rethink, relearn, and rebuild.

Key Takeaways:

  • Purpose-Driven Transformation: Explore how purpose-driven organisations can address societal needs, reshape industries, and propel business impact. In a world of shifting media consumption habits and elevated corporate social responsibility expectations, transformation becomes the essence of progress.
  • Aligning Growth Agendas: Delve into the art of harmonising the growth pursuits of CFOs and CMOs. Discover how marketers can intricately connect marketing's influence to enterprise growth, aligning strategies with the CFO's metrics and reporting criteria.
  • Navigating the Data Landscape: Grasp the evolving data landscape, crafting potent data strategies that are transparent, compliant, and transformative. Learn how data-centric organisations drive superior business outcomes and elevate customer experiences.
  • Customer Experience in the Age of GenAI: Embrace the rise of generative AI and its transformational power over products and experiences. From personalisation to data insights and ethical navigation, embark on the journey from classic to GenAI marketing, illuminating the path forward.
  • Innovation in Data Strategy: Uncover the potential of data clean rooms within the retail media advertising ecosystem. Stay ahead of the innovation curve in data strategy, adapting fluidly to the changing landscape.
  • Leveraging AI for Growth: Probe the profound impact of AI on economic growth and marketing operations, leveraging this transformative technology to elevate your brand's impact.
  • Emergence of Retail Media: Navigate the uncharted domain of retail media, exploring its influence and potential for shaping marketing strategies.
  • Next-Generation Marketing: Explore the evolving landscape of marketing through the lens of different generations. Dive into the nuances of marketing to various generations and their distinct preferences.

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Highlights of MMA Impact South Africa:

  • MMA’s State of Gen AI Preliminary Findings
  • Smarties 2023 Launch
  • Announcement of Smarties 2022 BII Results

Delegates will engage in thought-provoking discussions, forge valuable business connections, gain insights into their organisation's market position, and above all, stay ahead of the curve in an industry that is forever in flux and fiercely competitive.

Join us to thrive in the modern marketing landscape.

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