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State of CDO Benchmark Survey

December, 2022
Education Section: 

The State of CDO Benchmark Survey is a statistical consolidation of The Evolving Role of the Chief Digital Officer & CDO Perspectives 2022.

Key findings include:

CDO vision is tied to business performance

  • 68% think that their main task is to improve business performance, not just to disrupt and drive change.
  • Top line growth and margin efficiency are the by far their main measurable goals.

Although there is usually a mandate from CEO, overlaps with other C roles may exist

  • 61% of CDOs report directly to the CEO, and 70% of CDOS surveyed have teams larger than 100 FTEs.

CDOs play a key role when it comes to customer capabilities

  • 80% of CDOs own or influence experience design & management, as well as data governance.

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