[APAC Webinar] Telco Perspective - Embracing New Normal: Deliver Thoughtful and Relevant Communications | MMA

Monday, October 12, 2020 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm SGT


No doubt that internet penetration is at its highest growth rate in the past five years, with nearly half the traffic coming from mobile devices. Telco data is critical for marketeers as it can help brands to customise and effectively communicate with their target group through relevant engagement.

The pandemic has changed the way we all used to lead our lives, making marketeers delve deeper into how they need to reach out to their consumers. In such challenging times, it is for brand leaders and marketeers to show the way and re-invent their marketing approach keeping in mind a fine mix of sensitivity and relevance.


  • Understand the new way of living – from the telco perspective, and how mobile device is becoming powerful touch point
  • Learn how to bring relevancy by leveraging telco big data
  • Find out the strategy of combining data, inventories, and contextual communication for meaningful yet effective engagement
SVP Digital Advertising, Banking & Data Solution Group
GM & VP Marketing, Hair Care & Deodorants
Partner Leader
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