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Neelesh Suryavanshee

Neelesh Suryavanshee
General Manager, Marketing, Southeast Asia

Neelesh Suryavanshee is the General Manager, Southeast Asia, for Marketing for Fonterra.

Previously he was the Vice President of Haircare & Deodorants in Indonesia since 2018.

He started his career with Unilever in India in 2001. Since then he has held several leadership roles across Insights, Analytics, Marketing and General Management, mostly in South East Asia working across Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia since 2005. His special area of interest is leadership in developing markets, digital transformation of marketing, and building sustainable business. He is a keen coach and advises the key marketing capability development programs for Unilever Indonesia. He also leads the Plastics Responsible program for the Beauty & Personal Care Division in Unilever Indonesia.

Outside of work, he is an advisor to several start-ups and enjoys pro-bono work.