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[APAC] #ShapingTheFuture with Mobile Economy & Advertising

Friday, June 19, 2020 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm SGT

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As the mobile ecosystem becomes more complex, advertisement marketers are focusing on targeted marketing to customers to maximize the impact of advertising. The advertising paradigm is shifting from the web2.0 to the web3.0 generation pursuing a customized and context-aware advertisement service for each consumer in this cloud computing era.

Mobile advertising businesses differ in terms of content and delivery patterns as to what users want, as well as how they react to different devices and platforms. How do these frameworks ride on data impact advertising marketing and customer relationship?

We are going to see a advertising transformation and its effect on personal advertisement preferences, and motivation to engage which will straddle between consumer demand across infotainment, gaming, and real-time communication platforms.

Join Rohit Dadwal (Managing Director, Mobile Marketing Association Asia Pacific) as he discusses the opportunity for advertisers to pivot their relationship with consumers in the new world… with his esteemed panellists on Friday, June 19 at 3pm Singapore.

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