MMA EMEA Webinar Series "There is no New Normal": Customer Journey Optimization by Leveraging AI: How AI Helped Marketers During Covid-19? | MMA

Wednesday, October 7, 2020 - 12:30pm to 1:30pm BST

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Watch the Webinar:

Why Attend:

- Hear from leading brands, Akbank and SAS, on how they are actually using AI to support their customer strategy.

- Understand the opportunities and challenges of processing vast quantities of data

- Learn what AI means for marketing in the New Normal


Remark: The Mobile Marketing Association, Inc. “(MMA”) may use each webinar registrant’s contact information for direct MMA outreach.  Additionally, MMA will provide its sponsoring partners with the contact information of each registrant.  Furthermore, MMA’s sponsoring partners will be provided the webinar’s Questions & Answers so that sponsors may follow up with individual registrants.  In no other way will the MMA directly sell, lease or use a registrant’s contact information.

Notice of data transfer to SAS with link to SAS Privacy Statement: “Your contact information will be shared with SAS Institute Inc. and its affiliates.  All personal information will be handled in accordance with the SAS Privacy Statement. EN:

Forbes Editor, Lead Analyst & Founder
Customer Experience Advisor
Executive Vice President - Strategy, Digital Banking and Payment Systems
Business Development Director, EMEA
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