The Future of Experience & Marketing Measurement | MMA

Wednesday, November 3, 2021 - 11:00am to 12:00pm EDT

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For the past decade, direct response marketers have used multiple data sources, such as cookies and mobile device IDs, to measure advertising results. Now, access to this data is declining – and with it, the efficacy of measurement systems such as channel-level reporting and cross-channel attribution tools. Today’s marketers are required to make fast, frequent optimizations based on granular data feeds need to future-proof their measurement strategy. 

It’s time for marketers to evolve their existing marketing analytics. But this doesn’t mean a complete rewrite of the marketing analytics playbook.

In fact, there is a solution already at hand: Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM), a statistical model used to measure the impact of both marketing and non-marketing activities on business outcomes. Thanks to the innovation of machine learning algorithms, MMM methods have vastly evolved, allowing MMM to effectively provide advertising insights and enabling marketers to optimize their campaigns at their desired level of granularity and speed. 

Join Facebook, Lull, and Accenture Interactive in a moderated discussion in how the future of measurement evolves given changes to the landscape.

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