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5 Ways Publishers Can Use Location Data

Note: This article, authored by Antonio Tomarchio, Cuebiq CEO & Founder, was published on Adotas in November 2016. Most publishers understand the promise of location data, yet many have struggled with the question of how to apply and monetize such data in their own businesses.
Future of Ad Sales

Four Ways to Capitalize on the Future of Ad Sales

It's a digital world out there, and ad sales are many companies' bread and butter. The emergence of hoards of data, ad tech that many industries can barely keep up with, and a plethora of ever-changing best practices can make the future seem very daunting indeed.

This white paper will help ramp up your ad sales by:

Why You Should Advertise Your App On Television

This TechCrunch article by AppsFlyer CEO Oren Kaniel addresses the rising trend of app advertisers marketing on television.


BuzzCity: 42% now bank on mobile, yet banks are still failing to advertise to majority audience

Fresh data from 3,300 global respondents reveals a 60% increase of people using their mobile devices to bank online. Almost half (42%) of all mobile users (up from 26% in 2013) are now routinely making payments through mobile devices. Although mobile payments have overtaken the use of credit and debit cards globally, one in ten don’t believe their banks offer the facilities to bank online. Key findings show that: • Mobile payments have overtaken the use of credit and debit cards globally – 17% now use cards compared to 24% using mobile payments • Despite the advancements in mobile banking, one in four users (26%) continue to have concerns about security • One in four (23%) believe that their mobile device is not suitable for online banking

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Five tips for better mobile advertising revenue

‘Go mobile or go home’ is the only way websites can truly get moving in the congested tariff of the online world today. Websites are actually beginning to notice that traffic to their sites from smartphones and tablets is starting to resemble the M25. With mobile devices everywhere, be it android or iOS, consumers are using them at every spare moment. This can no longer be ignored, it is time to seize the opportunity and run with it.

Audience Monetization

Data Platform Audience Monetization: Why it Fails