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Provides clear guidance for marketers navigating the loss of 3rd party cookies. Affinity Answers is the first data provider to undergo the Neutronian audit and monitoring to verify that their audience segment production is not reliant on 3rd party cookies.

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by Laurie Sullivan  @lauriesullivan, June 16, 2021

Neutronian will announce Thursday the launch of a cookieless certification to verify digital advertising data as sellers are prepared to navigate the loss of third-party cookies. 

Certification, which requires a full audit, is based on the company’s recently published Neutronian Quality Index (NQI) data-quality scoring framework, the certification process with verification of authenticity.  

Affinity Answers, a data provider, became the first to meet the requirements for cookieless certification.

Neutronian webinar with industry expert perspective on the importance of a standardized data quality framework.

What role can a Data Quality Scoring framework play in resolving the Identity crisis now that the world has gone cookie-less and over 80 Identity related players have launched? How can such a framework be used to increase transparency and reduce compliance risk in MarTech?

Data quality scoring that identifies the best in class datasets

Marketers are faced with a broad array of challenges that include the increasing dominance of the walled gardens, the growing regulatory risk based on new laws from various states and countries, and the elimination of the traditional cookie-based advertising identifiers. To solve for these issues, marketers are being encouraged to leverage their 1st party data and mix it with a variety of 2nd party and 3rd party data sources to achieve the necessary scale from which to execute their campaigns.

Affinity Answers becomes the latest data provider with Neutronian Certification.

Kim Davis on December 15, 2020 at 8:00 am

Last week, Affinity Answers, the social engagement data provider, joined the ranks of Neutronian certified vendors, alongside Eyeota, Øptimus Analytics, ShareThis and TVision.

0ptimus Analytics, the SaaS data science and predictive modeling analytics company transforming data-driven insight on how people think, feel and act into predictive models and people-based audiences for activation at scale on-demand in real-time, today announced it was awarded with one of the first Neutronian Certification Badges. The Neutronian audit process included a review of the 0ptimus predictive modeling engine, which scored especially well in specific areas such as Data Quality, Compliance checks and Governance tools.


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