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Certification highlight featuring: 0ptimus Analytics

It's fair to say that in today's world of consumer data usage in MarTech, it's the exception rather than the rule to see a data provider embrace transparency during an audit and invest noticeably in internal governance -- especially smaller, privately held entities that don't have SEC or financial reporting requirements placed on them by the nature of a public listing. The unfortunate reality is that maximizing data sales often takes precedence over building transparency and governance controls from the ground up.

Reveal Mobile, a leader in location-based mobile marketing, announces today the appointment of two executives, John Haws as Chief Technology Officer and Jason Crocker as Vice President of Engineering. As the marketers and analysts continue to increase their use of location data, these new leaders add depth and strength in data science and engineering.

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Reveal Mobile
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Quaero presents our new infographic: What is the Difference Between first, second, and third party data?

Data is a definite buzzword these days. Audience data may be even more buzz-worthy, and its classifications (first-party, second-party, and third-party) are getting a lot of attention. 

But, what's the difference between the three? What makes them unique? 

Our team at Quaero came up with this infographic to simplify the distinction between them:

Quaero's Guide to Analytics

Whether you’re an advanced analytics expert or a data management newbie, this guide has something for you. It includes techniques and tactics from our subject matter experts.

Get the lowdown on:

  • Modeling: Predictive, Uplift and beyond
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