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Blessing in Disguise

With every year that passes, our phones seem to take on increasing significance in supporting our lives. Now in its eighth year, our annual Mobile Life study looks at how people use their phones, why they do what they do and the implications for brands. As showrooming continues to threaten the high street, we look at ways in which brands can use mobile to interact with people and influence their behaviour in store. 

5 Essential Tips for App Marketing on Facebook

5 Essential Tips for App Marketing on Facebook

The Power of Purchase Persuasion: How C-Store Retailers Can Attract Consumers With Real-Time Incentives

By: Alex Romanov, CEO, iSIGN Media

Sometimes, inspiring customers to purchase one extra item, make pricier selections, or impulsively fill their shopping carts with another article at checkout time comes down to a business’s nuts and bolts – literally. 

Inneractive Integrates AdTruth to Help Publishers Monetise

AdTruth and Inneractive Join Forces to Enhance Targeting within Mobile Web & Apps

Mobile is as Mobile Does

When you think about mobile, what are some of the things that come to mind? Fast, personal, ready, fun and connected are a few terms that come up. People think about mobile much differently than they do personal computers. How many times has someone almost bumped into you on the street as a result of their eyes being fixed on the screen in their hands? This is a familiar interaction in today’s device-obsessed contemporary culture.

Mayday, Mayday, May Day is UDID-Day!

Apple and Mozilla: A Cause for Celebration

BuzzCity improves techniques to increase effectiveness of click fraud detection


Mobile ad network shares results of international competition to ensure quality of its ad traffic

London 26 March 2013 BuzzCity, the global mobile advertising network, is today announcing findings which will help combat the on-going issue of click fraud in the mobile advertising industry, following a series of joint initiatives with some of the world’s leading universities.

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