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Aqilliz Partners with Moving Walls to Pilot World’s First Blockchain-Driven DOOH Advertising Campaign for Food Delivery Giant foodpanda

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Addressing the existing absence of ad delivery verification tools for the OOH space, foodpanda will benefit from increased end-to-end visibility of campaign performance


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How to make an impression on the Chinese mobile market with the right DSP

Hindsight is a wonderful thing. It’s hard to imagine there was a time before we reached smartphone ubiquity that all the talk was about ‘feature phones’.

WTQ: Back-to-School Edition [Infographic]

Oh, summer, we sure will miss you. But until we meet again next year, Back-to-School season (and all the prep leading up to the big first day) will make sure to keep us all busy. Take a look at our latest Infographic, WTQ: Back-to-School Edition – Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know You Wanted, detailing some rather interesting shopping behavior that took up your time. Brought to you from ownerIQ’s massive second-party data cloud – enjoy!

Why Everyone is Talking Second-Party Data

If you find yourself asking, “what is second-party data and why do I need it in my digital marketing initiatives?” Ask no more. The Q has you covered with our latest Infographic, which explains the difference between first, second and third-party data, and provides simple examples to help illustrate the benefits of each data set for your marketing initiatives. Check it out!

Dear Apple: So, You Want To Be A Programmatic Player? Listen Up

While Apple arguably can do whatever it puts its hand to, its recent move to bring programmatic to iAd doesn’t have everyone impressed. JUICE Mobile president and CEO Neil Sweeney didn’t mince words: “They should have done this five years ago.” And that, Sweeney said, begs two related questions. One, Is Apple going to be doing anything truly different here? And two, is Apple actually committed to its advertising business?

Neil Sweeney sits down with AdMonsters to talk mobile advertising and the future of programmatic

For publishers, mobile is an itch spreading over greater sections of skin, tingling more ferociously every second. Scratching doesn’t make it worse, but certainly fails to relieve the symptoms. Publishers continue to struggle in their mobile monetization efforts: because there’s little incentive for direct sales to evangelize the channel (particularly when it comes to display), programmatic would seem to be the savior. However, the success of desktop advertising and transaction models ported to mobile has been limited.