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Google Year in Search Report - India

What Google Search Told Us About User Behavior Online in India


Spurred by affordable data and smartphones, India is coming online at an unprecedented pace. It’s estimated that by 2020, more than 650M people in India—double the population of the United States—will be connected to the internet.1 As more and more people in India discover the internet and its applications, it's fast weaving into the fabric of everyday life—and a significant portion of the online population is turning to search to look for information and to find answers.

Spanning 11 verticals, the annual Year in Search India report delves into consumer behaviors to uncover what’s top of mind for them and the implications this has for marketers. To find out more download the report. 



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Year In Search Report

Research Type(s): significantly boosts conversion rate on mobile devices with mobile-optimized site and Google Mobile Search Ads


  • Cater to growing global mobile device audience
  • Increase traffic and conversions
  • Improve experience for on the go users


  • Created mobile-friendly site with current-location search, bigger buttons, and easier checkout
  • Promoted site through Google Mobile Ads
  • Use mobile analytics to better understand and improve user experience


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