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Tapjoy Research: Consumers Feel Happier and More Engaged When Playing Mobile Games Than on Social Networking Apps New report sheds light on the mindset, motivations and behaviors of today’s mobile gamers SAN FRANCISCO -- January 19, 2017 -- Tapjoy, the leading mobile monetization and engagement platform, today released the findings of in-depth research it conducted to understand the mindset, motivations and behaviors of today’s mobile gamers. Designed to shed light on this massive and desirable consumer audience for brand advertisers, the report is the first of its kind to answer questions such as how games make players feel, when they most frequently play mobile games, and whether or not they identify as gamers. One of the main findings from the report, titled “The Changing Face of Mobile Gamers: What Brands Need to Know,” shows that consumers are twice as likely to say they feel relaxed when playing mobile games than they are when using social apps. They also say they feel more focused (35% vs 11%), happier (34% vs 21%), and more engaged (35% vs 20%) on gaming apps than social networking apps.

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To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Sonic The Hedgehog, Sega released a brand new iOS game called Sonic &
SEGA All-Stars Racing. The hit game features great track variety, critically acclaimed multiplayer modes, and superb production values. Due to InMobi’s extensive mobile gaming experience, Sega utilized them to help promote the launch of this marquee iOS game.
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