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Neutronian webinar with industry expert perspective on the importance of a standardized data quality framework.

What role can a Data Quality Scoring framework play in resolving the Identity crisis now that the world has gone cookie-less and over 80 Identity related players have launched? How can such a framework be used to increase transparency and reduce compliance risk in MarTech?

Are you hearing about data quality more and more lately and wondering why it matters? A group of industry experts recently met to discuss the topic of data quality and why it matters now more than ever.

The panel was hosted by Eyeota and the panelists in this discussion were:

compliance safety, brand safety, mobile advertising, privacy

Ad measurement firms have long preached the need for Brand Safety tools as a core pillar of digital ad campaign verification, to go along with viewability and IVT/bot detection. The ongoing evolution of privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA have caused the entire marketing ecosystem to place a bigger focus on compliance preparation and internal documentation.

Strategic Rebrand Embraces Nativex as Global Advertising Agency; Nativex To Provide A Transparent, Omnichannel Buying Solution Through Its New Nativex Trading Desk.  

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The team at Fetch is very excited to announce we have been shortlisted for two more awards!

The Smarties 2012 for Global Mobile Campaign

For Fetch’s work with, judges at The Smarties have shortlisted the agency in the Global Mobile Campaign category, which is part of a series of Industry Awards representing “the best-of-the-best in the mobile marketing industry”.

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When we started Dark Matter, Inc. we did so under the maxim that focus mattered – do one thing and do it well. We not only decided to focus exclusively on the mobile channel, but on providing strategic services for the mobile channel to leading brand marketers and their agencies. The approach was quickly validated. Over the following years it became clear that companies and brands were no longer interested in marketing generalists with a mobile campaign or two under their belt, they were looking for bona fide mobile experts.

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