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Smarties X Global - Eligibility & Fees


Smarties X Global Awards Program – Campaigns submitted should be active in the marketplace between January 2023 through the end of June 2024.

Your work must have made an impact during the eligibility period and the results you provide must be within this time frame. Elements of the work may have been introduced earlier and may have continued after, but your case must be based on data relative to the qualifying time. Judges will evaluate success achieved during the eligibility time period.

Re-Entering Past Winning Work

If your work continued running in this year’s eligibility period and you have results from this eligibility period, you may re-enter the past winning work. Or, if your work won in a country/regional program and it fits the eligibility period of January 2023 through the end of June 2024, you may enter that program in the SMARTIES X Global and/or North America Program.

Additional Eligibility Requirements

  • The competition is open to marketers, agencies, and solution/technology providers including, but not limited to, those involved in advertising, media, PR, design and the creative industries.
  • It is the responsibility of the entrant to ensure that the client has the rights to use the intellectual property of the brand advertised/promoted. Entries cannot be made without the prior permission of the client/owner of the rights of the case. At our request, you shall immediately provide us with a copy of such permission.
  • Entries cannot be cancelled or removed from the competition after July 31, 2024.
  • In the event that additional information regarding results and the outcome of the campaign becomes available after you have submitted your entry, we will accept updated and additional information relating to the results section only up July 31, 2024.
  • In the event that a campaign runs over an extended period of time (with multiple implementation dates), it is the responsibility of the entrant to provide adequate proof of the campaign’s evolution from year to year.
  • Only one party may enter an entry, i.e. either the agency, solution/tech provider, or client may enter a piece that all parties have worked on, but not both.
  • The SMARTIES staff may contact the agency/client/solution provider related to any entry at the request of the jury at any time during the voting process should any questions about the implementation or presentation of the work arise.
  • All entry forms must be completed online.
  • Entries will not be considered completed until full payment has been made.

Additional discounts are available for:
3 or more entries – 5%
5 or more entries – 7.5%
10 or more entries – 10%
25+ entries – 15%
50+ entries – 20%


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