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Partners at this year's SM2 Innovation will be part of the action in a way that very few events are able to achieve, making them an integral part of the event experience and positioning them to help bring the session content to life in a very immediate and impactful way.

As the name suggests, Anchor Partners make a substantial impact both in terms of their physical footprint within the show floor, as well as playing an essential role in the delivery of critical know-how, providing guests clear direction on substantial areas of opportunity within the mobile ecosystem.

Interactive Displays allow our partners to communicate know-how utilizing all the digital assets they have at their disposal — an effective way to communicate the value of what they do and bringing to life clear examples of the insights shared in all our sessions.

A critical component of SM2 Innovation is our ability to showcase the depth and breadth of the entire range of technology and media innovations that make up our member and mobile ecosystem.


If your organization and team are looking for this type of opportunity and would like to discuss some of the options available, please complete the form below.

Interested in being part of the MMA’s Mobile Marketplace at the ANA Masters of Marketing Annual Conference running Oct 15-18?
Contact [email protected], M: +1 206 369 9017 for partnership details.


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