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The proliferation of new channels and technologies has dramatically changed the environment in which marketers function. Over the past two years, MMA’s Marketing Organization Structure Think Tank (MOSTT) has set out to rethink the world of the modern marketing organization; seeking to identify best practices and trends that will help marketers accelerate performance and business growth through organizational design.

Back for it's 2nd year, MMA MOSTT UNPLUGGED brings together marketing leaders, experts and academics to discuss and define priorities needed to create the modern marketing organization. The agenda will focus on the successful practices of the modern marketing organization (MMO), including stacks, links and loops; the changing role of the marketer; how to measure performance, tools and technologies that support customer-driven organizations and more. Whether you are a traditional brand or a disruptor, MOSTT UNPLUGGED will show you how to align your marketing strategy and organizational design to drive growth and keep pace with changing consumer expectations.

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