New @MMAGlobal release details recommended mobile native ad formats for marketers & publishers

The Mobile Native Ad Formats

The mission of the MMA Mobile Native Advertising Committee is to promote the definition of mobile native ads, educate marketers and publishers about native advertising benefits and best practices, and grow the global market for this emerging and increasingly effective digital display format.

These recommended mobile native ad formats are intended to help both buyers and sellers plan, transact, execute and evaluate mobile native ad campaigns. By identifying a limited but robust set of ad formats, the mobile advertising marketplace can more efficiently adopt and include mobile native ads into the repertoire of effective mobile marketing tactics. These recommendations will be the first in a series of three releases that the Committee intends to issue, which will also become part of the MMA’s Mobile Playbook:

  •  Mobile Native Ad Formats
  •  Mobile Native Ad Effectiveness
  •  Mobile Native Ad Best Practices 

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