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Mobile Fraud in Vietnam

December, 2019
Ad Fraud
Education Section: 
  • Mobile Ad Fraud is amongst the top three challenges facing Vietnamese advertisers, who think they are not spending enough to combat the problem compared to the industry average.
  • The main cause is believed to be the lack of disincentives and penalties against the problem, as well as the lack of transparency due to the complex web of middlemen.
  • Vietnamese advertisers believe that they are most vulnerable towards traffic fraud whilst some claim to have been to be able to eliminate ad fraud of such categories.
  • Advertisers are seeking both internal and external solution to tackle the issue. MOAT is currently the most common provider for ad fraud prevention and detection solution.
  • The periodical analysis is a highly in-demand function but is currently underserved.
  • Vietnam advertisers are not satisfied with their current ad fraud solutions. The country’s advertisers support ideas on more industry’s help toward tackling the problem