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At this year’s MMA CEO & CMO Summit, the annual think tank for the mobile industry’s top influencers, leaders and decision makers, we’ll explore how mobile has indelibly changed the game around customer engagement and driving sales. While there is no doubt that mobile is the closest you can get to your consumers, leveraging this unique power is a complicated choreography of multiple touchpoints to build a positive brand experience for new and existing customers across the purchasing funnel. Harnessing this power is key for CMOs tasked with profitable growth. 

The two and half day summit will bring to life what is possible with mobile and explore the myriad opportunities of how to bring content to your customers at the right time, right place and in their right mindset all with the goal of conversion. Whether mobile for you is a ...

… storytelling platform

… connection to new audiences

… fundraising tool changing the world

… way to create new markets and business opportunities

… emotional trigger

… key to innovation

or other… the content on stage, intimate one-on-one conversations and deep dive roundtable sessions will inspire you and present tangible strategies to captivate consumers in relevant and unique ways never before imaginable.

The MMA Mobile CEO & CMO Summit is an exclusive, invitation only event.

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