How to Unlock the Gen Z Audience | MMA Global

How to Unlock the Gen Z Audience

Tuesday, December 15, 2020 - 2:00pm to 2:30pm EST


Gen Z is part of the largest generation globally and as fairly new consumers with increased buying power and influence, companies have the opportunity to earn their loyalty in a way that resonates with this mobile-native generation. Hear Skye Featherstone, Product Marketing Manager, Direct Response, at Snap, Inc, and Amir Ghodrati, Director of Market Insights at App Annie, discuss the latest insights on Gen Z across categories and markets, learn what these apps have done to achieve success and what makes Gen Z different from previous generations.

You will learn:
• How Gen Z sees the world - their values, and spending habits
• Gen Z’s mobile behavior - which apps and categories Gen Z engages with and how it’s has changed since COVID-19
• How brands can best tap into this mobile-first generation

Director, Market Insights
App Annie
Product Marketing Manager, Direct Response
Snap, Inc.
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