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Provides clear guidance for marketers navigating the loss of 3rd party cookies. Affinity Answers is the first data provider to undergo the Neutronian audit and monitoring to verify that their audience segment production is not reliant on 3rd party cookies.

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by Laurie Sullivan  @lauriesullivan, June 16, 2021

Neutronian will announce Thursday the launch of a cookieless certification to verify digital advertising data as sellers are prepared to navigate the loss of third-party cookies. 

Certification, which requires a full audit, is based on the company’s recently published Neutronian Quality Index (NQI) data-quality scoring framework, the certification process with verification of authenticity.  

Affinity Answers, a data provider, became the first to meet the requirements for cookieless certification.

Digital ad buyers know the ins and outs of audience-based buying better than anyone. Many have been masters of programmatic ad buying for more than a decade.

Let’s face it -- buying data can be a risky proposition. Here are several reasons to never blindly trust anyone offering the best data set on the web.

Brand Believability and Spending Money