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You Had Me At “HelloWorld” ePrize Announces Name Change and New SaaS Platform


After 15 years as ePrize, the digital marketing and creative firm unveils new name and rich consumer engagement platform 

PLEASANT RIDGE, MI -- (Jan. 16, 2014)


Faster Split Testing with Text Message Marketing

Marketing is both an art and a science. Nowhere is this more evident than in split testing—a scientific approach to the art of advertising.

Split (or A/B) testing is a tried and true method to optimize the strength of your marketing campaign. It’s a simple experiment: two approaches are measured against each other to determine which is most effective.

Traditional split testing can be impractical, expensive, and take months for conclusive results. With text message marketing, split tests can be run at a fraction of the cost and yield almost immediate results.

5 Easy Ways to Build a Mobile Marketing Database

Have you noticed?  Everyone is talking about mobile marketing.  So what is the hype about, and how do you even start a mobile marketing program?