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Given the tremendous growth of the mobile ad industry overall in 2009, we produced an industry-first snapshot 2009 Year-in-Review Scorecard for Mobile Advertising Reach and Targeting (S.M.A.R.T.)™.  

Sales Quick Stats

  • Brand business grew 756% (brands really embraced mobile in ’09)
  • Average deal size increased 353% year-over-year
  • Top Ten 2009 Advertising Verticals by Spend (this will likely radically change in ’10, with Pharma, auto, and retail leading the charge)
  • Non-U.S. impressions increased 117% year over year (Europe primarily drove this large increase)

Device Quick Stats

  • 357% increase in Apple OS impressions
  • 90% increase in RIM OS impressions
  • Top 5 devices on the network

This year-end summary is based on observed traffic, server log reports, etc., on our network.  Since Millennial Media is the largest mobile ad network, we anticipate much of this data is fairly representative of the mobile ad industry as a whole.

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