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Mobile IP Targeting Myths and Facts
The profusion of mobile devices has changed the way companies reach and engage with customers. Marketing tactics will involve delivering content tailored not only to where people are in the customer journey, but also to where they are physically located, and when and how they access their information. Successful mobile marketing will really be about delivering contextual relevance―content applicable to a specific moment in time. A person’s location can provide much more insight about who they are based on demographic and other lifestyle contextual assumptions.
Mobile Retail Guide
This white paper illustrates how retailers can engage, manage and monetize today’s connected customers through location-aware, branded mobile apps and in-store mobile technologies. "The data tells a clear story that apps, which were considered a mere fad a few years ago, are completely dominating mobile, and the browser has become a single application swimming in a sea of apps..."

Monica Desai, Greg Louer, Ryan King and Maria Wolvin from Patton Boggs LLP, provide us with an in-depth review on the government and regulator prospective surrounding the latest innovations and uses of location based services within the context of marketing.

In this report, we provide insight on the states of the LBS and Mobile Marketing/Advertising markets in the United States. We explore the evolution from subscription-based LBS towards free LBS and what is needed to make an ad-funded business model work. We discuss the benefits of bringing together the world of LBS and that of mobile marketing/advertising to create LBA. We further explain what the stakeholders in the market — consumers, advertisers, and the ―enabling companies (providers of LBS content, applications, and platforms) — stand to gain from LBA.

Finally, in the conclusion, we discuss what combination of technologies, business models, and strategies, need to align to unleash LBA’s market potential and why LBA is the path to creating more value in both the LBS and mobile advertising segments. We have also included the profiles and perspectives of several key market players that we interviewed in the first half of 2009, in an appendix.

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