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July, 2021
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Remerge GmbH

Mediacom (Turkey)

Over the time that WARC has carried out this survey with the MMA, the role of mobile in the arsenal of marketers has grown significantly. As smartphone technology becomes more and more sophisticated, the line between the mobile medium and the rest of the online media mix is increasingly blurred. This blurring means the distinction between mobile and the rest of digital is hard to make, leading to fewer respondents this year labelling their strategy as ‘mobile-first’ and only 22% having a separate mobile marketing budget. 

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June, 2021
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Avatar World Group (AWG)

Bidease and Anzu Partnership Brings Mobile In-Game Advertising to More Brands


Bidease, a fully-transparent demand side platform for mobile marketers, has announced a strategic partnership with the world’s most advanced in-game advertising platform Anzu.io. This partnership will allow Bidease to scale up advertising capabilities in the mobile gaming market and offer their wide advertiser network non-intrusive cost-effective in-game ad formats.

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