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At the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity 2019, S4M announced the results of the first worldwide study assessing the market share of drive-to-store advertising investments.

Commissioned as an independent research study from IHS Markit, The State of Drive-to-Store Advertising 2019 (click to download) gives a thorough view of the evolution of drive-to-store ad spend, worldwide and by country, for the next four years.

Have a look at this infographic to discover the key takeaways of the study!

In recent months, Google has been rolling out Google Measurement Maturity: a set of diagnostic tools and resources to help advertisers understand best-in-class measurement practices. This initiative builds on the work Google has done with BCG and with Bain.

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The commissioned study, The State of Drive-to-Store Advertising 2019, shows that the worldwide share of drive-to-store investments for retailers will reach €55Bn. in 2019 – 58% of the total advertising spend for the industry. This investment is expected to reach 65% by 2023, or €75Bn., a 36% growth driven by digital-to-store spending.

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CARMEL, Ind. – June 12, 2019 – Lumavate, the leading platform for delivering Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), announced the introduction of new functionality that will accelerate an enterprise organization’s ability to deliver PWAs at scale.

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Octopus Digital Group announces new Top Management

  • After 3 years of uninterrupted growth, the company reinforces its commitment to strengthen its presence in the region and implement a new technological development plan.

CDMX, May 2019. The change from Octopus Media Group to Octopus Digital Group marks a milestone for the Latin American company, which also announces new important organizational changes.

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Report provides first comprehensive list of digital media platforms’ data policies and recommendations for how marketers can achieve effective multi-touch attribution despite data sharing limitations.

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