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In December, JUICE Mobile spun off its beacon network into a standalone ad tech company called Freckle IoT. Already the largest beacon network in the Canada marketplace, the company describes itself as “a testing ground for the activation of next-generation connected devices." The Toronto-based firm’s goal is to build a platform capable of talking to a variety of devices with the aim of driving store visits.

Programmatic advertising: Answering your questions

Mobile media consumption has increased by 600% over the last four years with consumers now spending roughly 1 hour and 49 minutes each day enjoying mobile content. So the question still remains, why, according to Forrester research, do a surprising 67% of marketers not know about automated buying technology, understand how it works, or need to learn more about how to apply it to campaigns.

In days gone by, sports fans used to be glued to their television sets as their fingernails were reduced to dust and their favourite players collided during televised, high profile sporting tournaments like the World Cup. All that has changed, however, and today they are spending as much time looking at mobile devices as they are watching the game. The use of mobile devices as a ‘second screen’ has already taken off, as these statistics from 2012 demonstrate.
‘Go mobile or go home’ is the only way websites can truly get moving in the congested tariff of the online world today. Websites are actually beginning to notice that traffic to their sites from smartphones and tablets is starting to resemble the M25. With mobile devices everywhere, be it android or iOS, consumers are using them at every spare moment. This can no longer be ignored, it is time to seize the opportunity and run with it.