JUICE Mobile delivers engagement with innovative Mobile Flyer ad unit | MMA Global
November 3, 2014
Submitted by JUICE Mobile

Client Objectives:

  • Highlight relevant and timely weekly deals to shoppers on the go 
  • Target Calgary Co-op shoppers who are in the vicinity of a store
  • Drive users to the Calgary Co-op mobile site and/or store locator 

Calgary Co-op commissioned the expertise of JUICE Mobile to execute their mobile flyer ad unit. Leveraging the interactive capabilities of smartphones, the intuitive mobile flyer ad unit features rich media and dynamic updates for the on-the-go shopper. Combining each of these elements to highlight relevant product features, the ad unit cost effectively expands the reach of Calgary Co-op’s existing digital flyer investment.


•Average engagement rate on standard mobile ads is 0.35% (Opera, 2013). In its first flight the Calgary Co-op mobile ad unit delivered a 50% lift in engagement.
•Results were delivered at 5-10% of the cost of traditional flyers, which averages $51.40/lead (DMA, 2012).