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Komli Media Launches Industry’s First Mobile App For Real-Time Campaign Management

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Komli Media
The Product Originated At A Recent Company Hackathon Event 8th July 2014:

Komli Media launches integrated Mobile Remarketing platform

New whitepaper reveals only 10% of marketers in India and Southeast Asia are mobile remarketing ready, while mobile traffic continues to explode

Komli Media launches Remarketing Demand Side Platform

Company also aligns its organization structure to intensify its focus on Remarketing and Social Komli Media, Asia Pacific’s leading digital media technology platform, announced the launch of an innovative, enterprise class Remarketing Demand Side Platform (RDSP) that enables digital marketers to convert site visitors into loyal customers with full transparency and management of media costs, customer data, campaign strategies and performance analytics. The launch further strengthens Komli Media’s expertise and leadership in performance and social media advertising across Asia Pacific.

Google: Powerful bidding through enhanced campaigns allows Westwing to take full advantage of the opportunities across search and display

Westwing Campaign

• Efficiently optimise display campaigns
• Reach potential audience groups most effectively
• Accommodate sudden budget shifts
• Created mobile-optimised website and initiated display mobile ads
• Upgraded to enhanced campaigns in the Google Display Network
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Westwing Campaign
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