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Blue Bite Introduces, esca, A New Dual-Mode BLE Beacon

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Blue Bite

AUGUST 27, 2015 – Today, Blue Bite, the Mobile Standard in Out-of-Home™, announces the launch of esca®, the first all-encompassing BLE beacon solution that leverages a powerful, cloud-based dashboard, innovative dual-mode hardware, and expansive developer resources. Built on nearly a decade of experience in managing mobile touchpoints, Blue Bite’s esca platform introduces a new way to deploy, manage, and analyze beacons.

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Komli Media launches Remarketing Demand Side Platform

Company also aligns its organization structure to intensify its focus on Remarketing and Social Komli Media, Asia Pacific’s leading digital media technology platform, announced the launch of an innovative, enterprise class Remarketing Demand Side Platform (RDSP) that enables digital marketers to convert site visitors into loyal customers with full transparency and management of media costs, customer data, campaign strategies and performance analytics. The launch further strengthens Komli Media’s expertise and leadership in performance and social media advertising across Asia Pacific.


NEW YORK, October 29, 2013—RevTrax® today announced the launch of SmartOffers, a unique new technology that allows marketers to personalize printable and mobile coupon experiences based on their predefined rules.
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SME South Africa Online

SME (Small Medium Enterprises) South Africa is an online SME news site. The portal is dedicated solely to SMEs and covers news, updates and developments that are relevant to SME’s.

About the SME

It is an online news portal featuring SME news in South Africa as well as in the region and globally. The website is dedicated solely to SMEs, it covers news, updates, and developments that are relevant to SMEs.

Google: Using responsive web design, Plusnet doubles smartphone and tablet traffic and sees a tenfold increase in sales on these devices

Plusnet Responsive Site

• Facilitate site conversions on all devices
• Improve user experience and customer journey
• Built website using responsive web design (RWD)
• Increased investment in mobile search marketing
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Plusnet Responsive Site
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Epom: 4shared case study

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Transfer 4shared to the new advertising cross- platform in order to increase a revenue in all fields, for all countries and sources of revenue.


Epom offered an effective and easy migration plan, organised trainings and did a part of migration job to speed up the process. At first, 4shared tried Epom on a small amount of traffic to check the results, then it switched to a full-speed for all the mediums.  


Total revenue growth 35%

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