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The COVID era accelerated the growth of e-commerce and a greater focus on new media tactics, digital channels, and measurement programs to meet consumer expectations of a consistent and connected experience. Such metrics, while valuable within their respective silos, can be misleading and result in marketing and business leaders making poor investment decisions on online or offline engagement programs. 

In our latest ROI Genome Report, we are diving deeper into the world of omnichannel marketing and measurement, and how brands can best balance their online and offline presence. It’s time for commercial decision-makers to evolve their thinking to drive impact with a holistic, consumer-centric, omnichannel approach.

Read this report to learn more about key considerations and media principles such as:

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PRESS RELEASE INSPIRED MOBILE BRINGS AFFORDABLE MARKETING PLATFORM TO SMALL & MEDIUM BUSINESSES • New platform empowers SMEs to engage customers by offering over 12 channels via a single login • Platform evolved post being awarded ‘best media tech’ by Boris Johnson (London Mayor) • SME’s can build one to one relationships with their customers via a single platform • Inspired is one of 11 mobile partners to Google’s DFP
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Inspired Mobile
By: Michael Jones, RetailMeNot The tinsel has been taken down and the trees have been put away. Retailers made it through another holiday season—some more successful than others—and most are looking forward to the challenges and successes that 2016 will bring. Looking back on 2015, deemed “The Year of Mobile,” it’s clear that digital marketers began to understand how new technology would impact the shopper’s journey, both online and in-store. So, what’s the challenge for 2016? Better execution of mobile and cross-channel strategies. At least that’s my challenge to retailers.

The speed with which the marketing landscape is changing is dizzying. Technologies, trends and opportunities within the omnichannel universe have placed retail and brand marketers in a bit of a spin as they try to manage the cycle of change. One of the key challenges for marketers is to ensure their customers have a seamless brand experience, whether in-store or online, sitting at a desktop or engaging on-the-go with mobile devices.