February 22, 2016
Submitted by Inspired Mobile
PRESS RELEASE INSPIRED MOBILE BRINGS AFFORDABLE MARKETING PLATFORM TO SMALL & MEDIUM BUSINESSES • New platform empowers SMEs to engage customers by offering over 12 channels via a single login • Platform evolved post being awarded ‘best media tech’ by Boris Johnson (London Mayor) • SME’s can build one to one relationships with their customers via a single platform • Inspired is one of 11 mobile partners to Google’s DFP LONDON, United Kingdom, February 22, 2016 — Inspired Mobile, the omni-channel marketing platform, has evolved its award-winning proposition to give small and medium sized businesses the ability to conduct the same quality of marketing as multi-nationals, at a fraction of the cost. Having been awarded Best Media Solution by Boris Johnson during his last Singapore Trade Mission Press Release, Inspired is ready to help SME’s better communicate to their customers. Launching today, Inspired’s self-service platform will empower the global SME market to understand customer insights and take control of their customer marketing via a single, holistic interface, conceivably without the need of an agency. Inspired Mobile launched in 2013, initially to service enterprise clients. According to founder and CEO Pratick Thakrar, there was a need to expand the offer and evolve to suit the needs of the SME market. “Small and medium-sized businesses deserve access to the same quality of marketing services as Enterprise organisations,” he said. “We are very proud to bring Inspired to the self-service market —businesses of all sizes now have access to a leading platform to enhance their customer relationship and can now remove one less headache in running their business.” Businesses who take up a monthly subscription to Inspired will gain access to the latest marketing techniques and have the ability to ‘test and learn’ which approaches work best with their customers. By providing key marketing channels and reporting tools via a single login, businesses no longer need to work with multiple service providers to glean actionable insights. Inspired’s current offering includes ability to place Ads on premium publishers, rich media Ad creation, website development (mobile, tablet and desktop), (WiFi) proximity marketing and login capture, enhanced CRM, Email and SMS, NFC, 2D and 1D barcodes and research studies. It also helps companies develop their brand, drive app downloads and much more, all linked to an impressive creative studio. Companies can now utilise the latest mobile-enabled technology, with prices starting from as low as GBP£50 a month. “SMEs drive the UK economy, accounting for 51% of the GDP, only 44% surviving past five years*,” continued Thakrar. “Inspired can help businesses learn much faster about their customer needs, in turn offering a more tailored solution or customer experience and so increasing their chances of survival.” To learn more about Inspired, its marketing toolkit and pricing plans, visit *Source: Federation of Small Businesses and the British commercial insurer RSA ----- ENDS ----- Editors Notes About Inspired Mobile Ltd. Inspired Mobile is a leading omni-channel campaign management platform that ensures businesses of all sizes are able to conduct quality marketing on a global scale and engage their customers at an affordable rate, conceivably without the need of an agency. Inspired Mobile’s self-service platform is set to truly revolutionise the global SME market. Inspired currently offers clients simpler means to brand themselves, 2D & 1D barcodes, website development (mobile, tablet and desktop), rich media Ad creation, proximity marketing (Wi-Fi), CRM, Email & SMS, NFC, research studies, drive app downloads, and much more linked to an impressive creative studio. Inspired currently has offices in London, Athens, New York and Singapore. Check out this video of how Inspired simplifies the customer journey. For media inquiries, please contact: Alexandra Vacaroiu +44 203 070 3330 [email protected]