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Help your brand take off with Twitter

Infographic: Help Your Brand Take Off with Twitter

Twitter is a real-time engagement magnet for audiences, and if you are a network or publisher, you should be using it.

Here's an infographic we came up with that shows you why: 

Help your brand take off with twitter

KPIs of a non-payment digital wallet service designed for commerce.

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KPIs of a Non-Payment Digital Wallet Service. The data in this infographic represents the performance of one of CardMobili´s live commercial deployments and data was collected from April 1st to September 30th, 2014.
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INFOGRAPHIC - Mobile Shopping Statistics – Are You Ready To Maximize Sales From Mobile Shoppers This Holiday Season?

How are shoppers using their mobile devices in store? More importantly how does this affect your business? How do you make sure your business efforts for the busy holiday shopping season reach and enhance your mobile shoppers?


Monetizing Consumer Interactions in the Data-Driven Age: How Retailers Can Up their Digital Consumer Engagement and Generate Revenues in 2013

Thanks to the proliferation of smartphones, tablets and “phablets,” a new realm of engagement between consumers and retailers beyond the physical store has been tapped. Mobile has not only created digital customer interactions like “showrooming,” but also impacted the way retailers use the data gathered from that mobile usage to deliver the best offers and personalized services in-store. Now, with many more brands and retailers jumping on the mobile wave and embracing digital marketing efforts, the question is not why should they go mobile, but how?

In response to that question, Alex Romanov, CEO of iSIGN Media, a mobile advertising technology company, has released a snapshot of top mobile and digital trends that retailers should adapt to, and that will significantly help them connect with their customers, and in turn increase ROI and loyalty. 

The Power of Purchase Persuasion: How C-Store Retailers Can Attract Consumers With Real-Time Incentives

By: Alex Romanov, CEO, iSIGN Media

Sometimes, inspiring customers to purchase one extra item, make pricier selections, or impulsively fill their shopping carts with another article at checkout time comes down to a business’s nuts and bolts – literally. 

Mobile Social Purchases & Rewards: Demystified

Mobile Transactions