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The MMA Forum series has become the leading global platform for brands, agencies, and publishers to share their experiences and success in mobile marketing. Bringing the industry together (members and non-members) to share, learn, and create the connections and partnerships that are crucial to growth in any market, is an essential part of the MMA’s mission. Central to this are the industry events we run globally.

2015 MMA Istanbul Forum: Mobile Acceleration

This year’s MMA Istanbul Forum will focus on Mobile Acceleration and showcase brands and experts who will share first hand accounts on how mobile has played an innovative role in the brand or customer experience, product development, or advertising market effectiveness to transform and drive business growth.

Attendees to this year’s forum will…

  • Gain insights from marketers and learn how they are transforming their marketing campaigns and businesses through mobile with key takeaways to help improve your mobile capability.
  • Hear results of MMA’s proprietary SMoX research demonstrating the impact of mobile on brand awareness, purchase intent, and sales, including tips on how to optimise your mobile budgets.
  • See transformations being made in Adtech that can help drive brand performance in video, native, location, programmatic, app development and deployment.
  • Understand how mobile creativity improves consumer engagement.

Session topics from industry leaders on how mobile is building closer connections to consumers.


Speakers and panelists include industry heavyweights from leading brands and technology enablers.


Relax and enjoy upscale accommodations.


These events sell out fast. Secure your seat today.

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