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MMA Forum Indonesia

MMA Forum Indonesia: Mobile Redefined – Transform, Innovate and Disrupt

Media consumption has changed radically, and today mobile is moving at light speed and catalysing business innovation and transformation around the world.

The MMA Indonesia Forum 2017 will focus on how mobile is being redefined – on the radical, transformational, pervasive changes in the ways companies market and sell their products and services. More than a communications channel, more than a device, mobile is the ultimate disruptor and the gateway through which many consumers experience a brand. It’s also a mechanism that allows brands to understand and connect with consumers in ways never before possible.

For marketers, mobile is the biggest opportunity of our time to give consumers the exceptional discovery, engagement and purchasing experiences they demand – all while gaining a competitive edge. For publishers and technology providers, mobile is the great enabler, allowing brands and agencies to reach and target their consumers and build profiles and data points to ensure their mobile marketing works effectively.

The MMA Indonesia Forum 2017 brings all these ideas together and is the place where your mobile education will expand to cover:

  • The real meaning behind “mobile redefined,” how best to take advantage of mobile capabilities, what’s coming next and who is truly showcasing the power and shaping the future of mobile.
  • Use cases and testimonials that highlight the art of the possible within the full realm of mobile marketing – you don’t know what you don’t know, and expert guidance will help take your mobile strategy further.
  • The acceleration of innovation and identification of actionable steps for creating experiences that are smarter, more intuitive and more personalised.
  • Join senior thought leaders from brands, agencies, start-ups and tech enablers for this one-day conference featuring a global array of speakers from a variety of industry verticals all coming together to share insights and best practices on the next stage in mobile marketing.

Think of the Indonesia Forum 2017 as both your strategic map and tactical toolkit for playing an essential role in redefining mobile. It’s no longer about mobile marketing, but marketing in the mobile age.


Session topics from industry leaders on how mobile is building closer connections to consumers.


Speakers and panelists include industry heavyweights from leading brands and technology enablers.


Relax and enjoy upscale accommodations.


These events sell out fast. Secure your seat today.

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