Great Debates 2: Creative Matters: How to Build Brands | MMA Global
Release Date: 
December, 2021
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What’s happened is the pandemic has been a major worldwide life change for everybody.

We’ve changed: we have new ways of working, we have new ways to live, we have to feed ourselves, we have to find new ways to enjoy ourselves.

So the entire world has been turned upside down.

And what has that done?

It’s changed all of our behaviour and further exacerbated by out of stocks. And when products are out of stock, they’re forcing trial. So the entire world of brand loyalty has been disrupted. So now that there’s been lots of trial offered up, advertising can build those triers into loyal buyers. Or if your loyalty got disrupted, and they’ve tried other brands, because you are out of stock, you can rebuild that loyalty that’s been lost.

Advertising has a huge role to play. What an amazing moment.