Release Date: 
October, 2019
Education Section: 

Out of Home & Mobile Compendium

Urbanity and mobility are increasing and changing media usage to a large degree. The greatest beneficiaries of this development are Out of Home (OOH) and Mobile, which, according to the OMG Preview Monitor, are the sectors with the biggest opportunities for growth in 2019. This creates new communication challenges and opportunities for companies and brands.

The combination of OOH and Mobile bridges the gap between the offline and online worlds and perfectly connects the benefits of both. OOH provides marketers with continuous and consistent reach and gives brands a public profile. Mobile is the most personal channel to the digital world. These two channels complement each other in the sales funnel and – as studies have shown – are most effective in combination. With this in mind, WallDecaux and the members of the Mobile Marketing Association in Germany (MMA Germany) have come together to follow up on the most urgent questions: 

  • How can advertisers and agencies take advantage of efficiency benefits along the entire value chain?

  • How must contemporary communication strategies be planned, developed and implemented so that they optimize the potential of both channels?

  • How can consumers be successfully addressed across media and on different levels?

The result is this compendium, which addresses the different possible applications and combinations of both channels. It offers bundled knowledge from practical experience and provides those responsible for brands and marketing with new tools to push the brand and sales.