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Join Online MMA x CDP Mobile Marketing Certification Program, a 2-day instructor-led, Live Online Training that will help you kick start understanding of Mobile Marketing Strategy and Execution.

Designed as an online workshop, you will be introduced to new concepts, latest trends, technologies and tools to help you develop a mobile-first marketing strategy. Take advantage of the depth of learning and best practices across APAC right from your mentor!

By the end of the program, you will be able to understand various mobile marketing executions/key concepts, and the best practices related to each.

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Certification Information

You will receive an MMA x CDP Certification that is earned after finishing the course and passing the certification exam.

What is MMA x CDP Certification?

An MMA x CDP Certification is a trusted digital professional certification recognized by the industry within the ASEAN region. It is an assurance of credibility, integrity, and the highest standard of digital education. Recognized by a network led by the MMA, 500+ members of CDP’s Subject Matter Experts, industry partner associations, top corporations, and local & international advisory board members. It is a formal documentation that demonstrates proficiency and competency in digital.

Your MMA x CDP Certification and education will allow you to network with like-minded professionals. Should you wish to earn an MMA x CDP Certificate, you are required to complete an MMA x CDP Digital Training program, take and pass the Certification Exam.

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MMA CDP Mobile Certification Program

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MMA CDP Mobile Certification Program

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