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MMA x CDP Certification: E-Commerce Marketing Strategies

Join the Online CDP x MMA Certification Program: E-Commerce Marketing Strategies, a 2-day instructor-led, live online training that will help you leverage on best practices when putting together your organization’s e-commerce marketing and conversion plan.

Designed as a blended training program, you will gain access to 8 hours of live online sessions covering modules on the e-commerce marketing ecosystem, frameworks, conversion strategies, product mix/pricing optimizations, role of UX, and making data driven decisions. You will also gain access to a library of case studies, whitepapers, and templates-- many of which are otherwise only exclusive to MMA members.

Level up your E-commerce Marketing and Conversion strategies. Enroll in the upcoming Online CDP x MMA Certification Program: E-Commerce Marketing Strategies.

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Certification Information

You will receive an MMA x CDP Certification that is earned after finishing the course and passing the certification exam.

What is MMA x CDP Certification?

An MMA x CDP Certification is a trusted digital professional certification recognized by the industry within the ASEAN region. It is an assurance of credibility, integrity, and the highest standard of digital education. Recognized by a network led by the MMA, 500+ members of CDP’s Subject Matter Experts, industry partner associations, top corporations, and local & international advisory board members. It is a formal documentation that demonstrates proficiency and competency in digital.

Your MMA x CDP Certification and education will allow you to network with like-minded professionals. Should you wish to earn an MMA x CDP Certificate, you are required to complete an MMA x CDP Digital Training program, take and pass the Certification Exam.

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