The Next Wave of Verification | Mobile Marketing Association

Tuesday, October 24, 2017 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm EDT

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The Next Wave of Verification

Verification is emerging as one of the biggest themes of the year in adtech. Brands like P&G are placing new demands on agencies and media providers for increased transparency and accountability. This has led to significant advances in viewability. The next battleground is the quality of data used for location targeting. MMA’s own location data survey found that marketers’ top concerns are about data quality (40 percent) and the lack of transparency into data sources and methodology (39 percent).

In mobile, carriers are emerging with an unrivaled truth set for verifying the accuracy of data and ad offerings distributed across their networks. The same carrier networks that we rely on to ensure that our devices work all the time, provide a system of record that can be used to help marketers understand what data is real and working for their campaigns. Location data is an ideal initial use case.

Join Jake Moskowitz, VP of Measurement Solutions at Placecast, Kevin McGinnis, CEO of Pinsight Media, a wholly owned data and insights subsidiary of Sprint, and Benjamin Bring, Ansible’s Vice President of Mobile Media as they present an overview of the next wave of location verification solutions.

Main Takeaways:

  • What is unique about carrier data and what makes it a truth set for verifying location data

  • A new solution and best practices for improving the ROI of your geo-targeted efforts and other uses of location data

  • A case study showcasing how carrier data was leveraged to validate the integrity of location data and minimize wasted marketing dollars



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