From CMO to CDO: The Digital Transformation of Marketing | MMA

Tuesday, November 14, 2017 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm EST

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From CMO to CDO: The Digital Transformation of Marketing

The digital economy is driving CMOs to become CDOs as they build more data driven practices around actionable consumer insights. This digital transformation is occurring on two major fronts – using big data analysis to gather insights about consumers, and using programmable communication APIs to connect with consumers. There is an unprecedented amount of consumer data available to companies. When combined with data analytics, this can lead to valuable insights that helps CMOs run precisely targeted marketing campaigns, while enabling better measurement of the impact of these campaigns. For example, the analysis of mobile data can help organizations understand the affinity of different groups to brands, changes in digital and physical footfall after campaigns, and so on. Once brands gain a better understanding of their customers, programmable communication APIs make it easier to reach customers through their preferred channels. Marketers increasingly need to be working closely with developers. These developers, powered by the new breed of communication companies, can customize campaigns, build chatbots to engage with consumers, or build customer communications into business workflows and truly transform Marketing.

Join this webinar to explore the big data analytic techniques enabled by mobile channels and how Marketers can take advantage of the digital revolution to better understand their customers. Learn how you can work with developers, powered by programmable communication, to transform the way Marketing connects and engages with customers. Throughout this marketing process, learn how data privacy laws such as GDPR are impacting the ecosystem and how trust between consumers and enterprises has become more important than ever.



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