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7+ Years of Research

The MATT frameworks and acceleration tools are the result of 7+ years of collaborative research between academics and practitioners

With 125+ Marketing Leaders

The ideas and approaches developed within MATT have been shaped and vetted by 125+ marketing leaders from 18+ industries, representing the leading companies in the world

To Rethink the World of Marketing Attribution and Measurement

MATT is a community of marketing and analytics leaders, committed to measurable impact and accountability by advancing people-based approaches in media measurement and throughout the entire process of planning and buying


  • Measurable Impact and Accountability: We aim to replace outdated reach-based models with scientific ROI decision making.
  • People-Based Approaches: We believe that the future of marketing will be people-based, and therefore the future of marketing measurement must be people-based as well.
  • Media Measurement: We are committed to help marketers select and apply Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) with confidence.


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