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As our mobile world expands, the mobile channel has created new opportunities for retailers, marketers, and advertisers to drive traffic, sales, and customer loyalty. At the same time, it has become a complex landscape with moving parts and channels. Combining new devices with advanced marketing techniques, some retailers may be left wondering where to start their mobile efforts, and if they should begin during the holiday season. Research also provided by COLLOQUY and featuring a case study from Stage Stores.

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The mobile channel has vaulted itself into position to become the dominant way in which consumers search, share and shop; transforming the mobile and retail landscapes into a single entity. The rapidly growing smartphone penetration and capability has really begun turning marketing heads, fundamentally altering the power and scope of digital marketing. As marketers look toward 2012, high global penetration rates, ever increasing speed and demand have become the winning customer engagement trifecta for the retail sector.

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